I decided to write more positively and documentarily about my journey. Be too emotional and let myself dive too deep in the dip is not much of a helpful hand. So I decided to do this instead. Also, approaching 30 makes me a little panic and anticipated. So I make myself a promise to document my journey interlude 30.

2013 – Graduated.

Before graduation, I had been working as an intern and then official junior staff at a branding company, a start-up design agency. And before that, I’d been through many small gigs from little and soon dead tech start up, freelancing for small graphic design job, to a start up in tech again.

2014 The Age of Ads

And after fed up with all the small discoveries, I ended up at Leo Burnett Vietnam, where I learned a lot, a lot about my working style, responsibility and it affect my standards of the work I produce up until now.

2016 The Crisis of youth

I got so frustrated with advertising. I wasn’t sure it was for me. And I wasn’t sure what I really wanted from it. Not to blame anyone, but I was an unlucky mentee as always. Not everyone found themselves a good mentor and leader that they can follow their league. I was one of those who not.

2017 Started Inner You

After 6 months of traveling here and there, doing nothing except joining a formal co-worker to start her business in photography. She then dropped it after 3 months. And I decided to start my own idea from there.

I founded Inner You Photos. As a project where I photograph people with their stories and deepest pains. It wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t wanted to make money from it. I was a true artist, who naively thought that if I followed my passion, money would come later. It wasn’t so right after all. So after 2 years struggling, I officially close it and treated Inner You only as my own project where I photograph whose stories I really wanted to explore.

Through this project, I explore many things about my own self, my own emotion. I was like a mirror to the people I photographed, but they was also one to me. And it was such a painful yet healing process.

2019 Flip a new page to a business business

And Portfo is where I am now. Been only 1 year with this guy, I learned so much about what it was really like doing a business. I recalled myself 3 years ago, If it was today me, I hadn’t been able to start anything at all, since now I know how hard it was and how much I didn’t know about pretty much a lot of things.

But here I am. Still learning and for sure will just be always like me. Learning new things and enjoy the journey.

I love that part about myself.


2020 … Something new to be updated